Adorned: The Fashionable Show

Picture of By Gilda Bruno

By Gilda Bruno

Last Thursday, the Foam celebrated the launch of its new exhibition Adorned – The Fashionable Show with free drinks and live music by the DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE.

Featuring young artists from more than ten different countries, this group exhibition challenges visitors with transmedia installations questioning themes such as culture, gender, and race. Inspired by Foam Magazine issue #53Adorned relies on photography as a means of expressing inclusiveness and diversity within today’s fashion community. Giving voice to the visual language of sixteen emerging creatives, it aims at reinventing the notion of style through the celebration of uniqueness. The result? A stimulating showcase that moves beyond the pre-set fashion trends to establish its own cultural narrative.

Visit the exhibition at the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam before March 11, 2020.

Story & Cover: Gilda Bruno

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