Medium Podcast #5 – It’s getting hot in here: how to survive Climate Change

A new season arises, a new Medium podcast and an all new duo. Check the climate this weekend because Erica and Plamen discuss the hot topic, climate change. Listen to the duo not know each other’s names. Try to basically keep it basic and give the good tips to be sustainable in Amsterdam. Lastly, big shoutout to the UvA Green Office.


Gilda Bruno
Born and raised in Italy, Gilda (21) has moved to the Netherlands to continue her studies. In 2015 she was an exchange student in Copenhagen, Denmark: an experience able to change radically her viewpoint on the world. Deeply in love and addicted to any expression of art, in the free time, she likes to write, read books or shoot photos of whatever inspires her. She has also been acting for the past 5 and a half years. If asked about future plans and career aspirations, Gilda replies by saying that she wants to become a journalist, yet trying to incorporate all her interests into a single, unique life project.

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