Easter in Stockholm

Picture of By Linh Dinh

By Linh Dinh

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]E[/mks_dropcap] aster this year fell on Sunday the 1st of April which is a time that many students took advantage of to travel back home to spend the weekend with family or just to simply relax after exams.

Personally, I flew home to Stockholm to celebrate Easter family. While the tulips bloom in Amsterdam, Easter or Påsk in Swedish is easily recognizable by the birch twigs decorated with colored feathers outside flower shops and in front of houses in Stockholm. Every year, the celebrations are covered by the National Broadcasting Networking major newspapers. Easter is also a time when Swedes consume a large amount candy, because of this, supermarkets and stores tend to take advantage to advertise their candy deals and easter packages. Flower shops and stores also take advantage of the festivities to maximize profit by advertising Easter decorations and deals on miniature chicken figurines and colored feathers.

Growing up in Sweden, I have always taken these festivities for granted but now, I am able to take note of the underlying communication between organizations and their consumers. This is an eye-opening experience and has allowed me to see holidays in a new light. Especially when traditions like these make people take the advertising campaigns for granted because it has always been a part of Easter holidays.

Photo’s: Linh Dinh


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