5 shows to watch this summer

Picture of By Claudia Arena

By Claudia Arena

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]A[/mks_dropcap]fter another disappointing week of rains and winds that might resemble what summer feels like on The Wall of Game of Thrones, it seems that the gods of good weather and global warming have blessed us with real summer — so be ready for barbecues, festivals, and strange tan lines. While most of us will be frolicking in the sun for the next couple of weeks, some unlucky fews might still be stuck finishing up their theses, preparing for resits or worst of all, looking for a job. Now, whether you want to feel the grass under your toes while sipping €3 Albert Heijn white wine at the park, or you want to spend your days crying in front of the LinkedIn homepage, you still deserve a good dose of entertainment. From mindless entertainment to true crime, check out our suggestions for the best shows to watch during the summer break.

Love Island
A trash show after my very own heart. Love Island is as messy and summery as it gets. Now I could see you rolling your eyes to the very back of your head at my choice, but first of all, bear with me — the drama is juicy. Secondly, I do not appreciate snobbery when it comes to enjoying and consuming media. Let people have fun! And if fun is what you are looking for, with a low dose of commitment, Love Island might just provide you endless entertainment for the rest of the summer. There is something endearing about British folks with impossible accents and orange tans trying to find love, really. Season 4 is currently airing in the UK, and there are over a hundred one-hour episodes to catch up with. Enjoy!

The Staircase
For the fans of the whodunnits and of true crime, I have the perfect shows to spice up your evenings and leave you spiraling down looking for answers on Reddit. Meet The Staircase, a 13-parts documentary released on Netflix and filmed between 2001 and 2017. The cameras follow Michael Peterson as he’s accused of the murder of his wife, mysteriously found at the bottom of their staircase with severe wounds to the head. Was it a fall? Was it an accident? Who knows!

Evil Genius
Just like Britney once said in “Gimme More”: you wanted more? Well I give you more!
So yes, more true crime. This time, it’s a 4-part documentary about one of the most puzzling heists I have ever heard of, also known as The Pizza Bomber case. A pizza delivery guy is kidnapped, a bomb is strapped to his chest with several pages of notes inviting him to go on a scavenger hunt (including a bank robbery!) to free himself. It does not end well. There are riddles, bad haircuts, and bodies in freezers. Have fun.

Queer Eye season 2
Now for something completely different, June is Pride month! To celebrate love and inclusion and cry a little about beautiful moments, enjoy the second season of one of the most wholesome shows on air right now. There is nothing you cannot possibly love about Queer Eye. From Antoni’s puppy dog eyes and guacamole skills, to Karamo’s deep and inspiring motivational speeches, to Tan’s eyebrows and fashion sense — oh and Jonathan! And Bobby who’s actually putting effort in making over entire houses!! My God, what a show.

Good Girls
Releasing July 3rd on Netflix, Good Girls sounds like the lovechild of Desperate Housewives with a touch of La Casa De Papel. Result? I could not love it more and I am desperately waiting to get hooked on it.

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