Outraved: Dance Demonstration for Your Education | MediumTV #18

On April 12, a group of UvA students gathered to protest against the budget cuts kayseri escort on education. The protesters peacefully claimed their right to quality education by turning into the dancing protagonists of “Outraved: dance demonstration for your education“. According to the students, the goal of this symbolic protest was raising awareness of how the budget cuts will damage the learning environment, as well as the state of diversity within the samsun escort University of Amsterdam.

Ivo Martens
Ivo is the '18/'19 Online Chef for Medium Magazine. This is his first year at Medium for Ivo, being not only highly motivated but also enormously thrilled to set forth this great student platform together with his fellow students. Besides a sports fan, Ivo enjoys exercising himself and occasionally withdraws himself from this busy world to enjoy a good book.

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