Medium Podcast #6 – A crash course in TV media landscape and why Game of Thrones rules

Plamen is back, şirinevler escort but this time he’s sitting on the Medium throne. In this 6th episode of the Medium Podcast, our newbie podcast host will discuss the Game of Thrones phenomenon in a one-man podcast format. Listen to him converse with himself about how this series has avcılar escort changed the current TV media landscape before it all ends tonight. Wanna know more? Then give it a try!


Gilda Bruno
Born and raised in Italy, Gilda (21) has moved to the Netherlands to continue her studies. In 2015 she was an exchange student in Copenhagen, Denmark: an experience able to change radically her viewpoint on the world. Deeply in love and addicted to any expression of art, in the free time, she likes to write, read books or shoot photos of whatever inspires her. She has also been acting for the past 5 and a half years. If asked about future plans and career aspirations, Gilda replies by saying that she wants to become a journalist, yet trying to incorporate all her interests into a single, unique life project.

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