Experiences of Being a Writer in Medium: From the Eyes of the New Head of the Magazine

Picture of By Ezgi Keeskin

By Ezgi Keeskin

After one year of experience being a Medium Committee member of Mercurius, I, Ezgi Keskin, am here to share my experiences with the prospective students who are interested in writing and creating content.

How I was Introduced to Mercurius

Mercurius is the student association of Communication Science that I believe every student of this programme should be involved in. Before I came to the university, I was really impressed by all the events and career opportunities that Mercurius provided. For the ones who don’t know Mercurius yet, it consists of different committees that take part in events, including career-related or study-related workshops, that you can benefit from. I joined Mercurius as a member of the Study Committee, where we planned many study-related workshops. I especially benefited from this committee to get higher grades for my exams. 

How I was Introduced to Medium

It is a place where you can use your creativity to create content, and where you feel free to express your opinion in writing in any content related to communication.

I got involved in Medium in the second semester as a writer. For the ones who are interested in writing, I definitely recommend giving it a try. It is a place where you can use your creativity to create content, and where you feel free to express your opinion in writing in any content related to communication. To be honest, I wasn’t confident with my writing skills when I became a writer in Medium. As I started writing articles in many different contexts, I felt as if I was becoming more confident about expressing my opinions day to day. I wrote articles on broad topics such as digital marketing, lifestyle, and technology. While writing in such broad content, I got introduced to a lot of information I didn’t know and gained new perspectives towards many issues (for example, I got knowledge about artificial intelligence and digital marketing strategies). In addition to the position of Writer, Medium also has other positions such as Podcast, Marketing, and Editor. With a range of fields, you can explore your interests and gain experience on them through Medium. After one year of experience, I feel as if I am part of the Mercurius and Medium family.

How Did I Balance Medium/Mercurius with University Life?

To speak the truth, Communication Science is a hard programme which requires much effort. Hence, a balanced plan is needed to keep up with everything. Until now, I was a very unscheduled person, who was leaving everything to the last minute. However, I saw that things have to be scheduled as you step into adult life. If you have a thought that you can’t handle Medium and the university workload at the same time, you actually can. As a writer, I had to write two articles per month, which gives me more than enough time to complete my writing and do my assignments for the university. Since the information I learned in the lecture was also communication-related, I was able to use it in my articles.

How Did Medium Help Me with Job Opportunities?

Getting experiences during the university year is a big plus for many companies. I know from my experiences that when I mentioned that I work as a writer in Medium Magazine, three companies in need of an article writer contacted me if I might be interested in working with them. In addition to this, while being part of Medium, you automatically also become a part of Mercurius. This creates the chance for you to attend many career-related workshops and events. You get the opportunity to be in contact with various companies about marketing, media, and many more.

Why You Should Be a Part of Medium in Mercurius

If you are a Communication Science student, it is your chance to apply to any of the teams in Medium. It is an opportunity to enhance your creativity, gain a pre-work experience and make new friends. For me, I really believe the way I think enlarges to a great extent, and I gained the ability to look from several perspectives since I had a chance to search more than one thought while I was doing my research for my articles. I also believe Medium really helps to see a pre-work experience: you experience deadlines, you see your article being released on the website, and you get to know and work in a team where you collaborate with and support each other. In this collaboration, you get to know many new people, which can lead to strong friendships for the future. Overall, if you are still hesitant, check out the open positions, deadline for the application, and give it a try to explore your interests in writing, design, promotion, etc in Medium. After one year of being a writer, I am excited to see the passionate and friendly atmosphere as the new head of Medium. 

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