03/04/2020 The magazine by Communication Science students of the UvA

Dalis Robinson

The Women’s March in Amsterdam 2020 – Fighting for equal rights



In this photocolumn, Dalis shares her thoughts on the fight for gender equality and the Women's march in which womxn and allies took the streets of Amsterdam in hope of a better future.

The Mexican all-women labor strike #UnDiaSinNosotras



Mexican women's groups unite to protest for better rights with a labor strike which aims to simulate the disappearance of all women on Monday the 9th of March.

A review on Eden: Ágnes Kocsis’ third feature-film premiered at the IFFR



Is the world making us sick and everyone is trying to deny it? Ágnes Kocsis delivers the portrait of a woman with hypersensitivity in Eden, her third feature-film.

A wrap-up on the International Film Festival Rotterdam Awards Ceremony



Medium summarizes the awards of the most prominent film festival in the Netherlands, the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. As one of the largest film festivals in the world, 2020 was the IFFR's 49th edition, hosting masterclasses, screenings, panel discussions, and a vast crowd from the most talented in the film industry.

Medium Podcast #9- IFFR Interview with Artemio Narro and Manolo Caso on ColOZio

25/02/2020 and


Medium Podcast went on the field to interview Artemio Narro and Manolo Caso after the world premiere of Narro's second feature film and Caso's acting debut in ColOZio.

FSR-FMGxMEDIUM: A crash course on what the student council does for your student rights

03/02/2020 and


Medium breaks down the influence that the Faculty Student Council of UvA's Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences has on our community and how you can participate to make a change.

The curses of information overload: a letter from the Editor-in-Chief



Do you feel like you're being wasteful when taking a break? Dalis describes how one book on media massively reduced stress in her daily life.

TEDxUniversiteit van Amsterdam: Seven different quests for the truth

14/11/2019 and


On the evening of Monday 4th of November, Medium was part of the crowd that listened to seven speakers on the theme: "In the search of truth". In this event, seven speakers presented their views on what they consider part of the truth.

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