26/05/2020 The Communication Science magazine

Adel Al Khozaae

Quarantine Photocolumn Special #1: Work Stations



For Medium Magazine's first collaborative photocolumn, the theme is work stations. As students are working and doing their coursework from home during the pandemic, they have to make use of what is available to them. Writers, editors and the editorial board (who recently won the Medium Pub quiz), all pitch in to show where their work stations at home.

Medium Podcast #11- Breaking Down False Predictions



COVID-19 has brought along with it very random conspiracy theories. In this podcast, Adel breaks down conspiracy theories about the virus and other topics.

Medium Podcast #10- Will American Horror Story Stand the Test of Time



Podcast Number 10 means a celebration is required, therefore the boys that boast their entertainment knowledge the most take the time to discuss a TV that will have 10 seasons as of September 2020.

Medium Podcast #9- IFFR Interview With Artemio Narro and Manolo Caso on ColOZio

25/02/2020 and


Medium Podcast went on the field to interview Artemio Narro and Manolo Caso after the world premiere of Narro's second feature film and Caso's acting debut in ColOZio.

Medium Podcast #8 – Jade’s Pact

14/02/2020 and


The month in which Jade stopped using smartphones and developed a texting twitch (Parents beware).

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