Picture of By Andrea Rossignoli

By Andrea Rossignoli

[mks_dropcap style = “letter” size = “48” bg_color = “# ffffff” txt_color = “# 000000”]W[/mks_dropcap]ith the arrival of spring, the city is looking more colorful than ever as several tulip arrangements decorate the streets.  The Dutch signature flowers have become another center of attention for the hundreds of tourists visiting the capital, as they flawlessly make the perfect Instagram pic. Scrolling through one’s social media, it is hard to miss a post dedicated to these vibrant beauties which represent quite fittingly the warm weather and upcoming summer vibes. 

The online trendiness of the tulips was enhanced this past weekend with this year’s edition of the Blobloemencorso, or the Flower Parade, which naturally brought a lot of attention to the Keukenhof. This, is one of the most beautiful spring gardens dedicated to the Dutch floricultural sector, mainly focused on the tulip bulbs. The location has proved time to time to be the perfect spot to snap away the ideal photo that’ll brighten anyone’s feed, as seen on Lisse’s Insta geotag. The garden will be open until May 13th but in case you won’t be able to visit it, you’ll still be able to enjoy the tulips spread across the city for a couple more weeks and take advantage of the opportunity to add a pop of color to your feed.

Photo’s: Andrea Rossignoli

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