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The TikTok Challenges You Should Try Right Now

In this article, Hope gives helpful tips on how to entertain yourself with the newest trend, TikTok.

The coronavirus has drastically changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. Even though we have to keep our distance, we still want to feel connected with others. That is why social media networks like TikTok have won more viewers and users than ever. On TikTok, you can either watch or create short-form videos. Since we have to stay home, I picked out some fun TikTok challenges that you can either try alone, as a couple, or with your whole family.  

Challenges You Can Do Alone: 

#1 The #Savage Challenge

This challenge has over 674.9M views on TikTok and is by far one of the most popular challenges on the platform. _tiktok_tutorials_60 has a tutorial if you want to learn the choreography to Megan Thee Stallions’ song “Savage”. 

#2 The #Tootisieslide Challenge

“Right foot up, left foot, slide. Left foot up, right foot, slide”, is how TikTok captures this challenge. Fun fact, this song actually is about Michael Jackson’s moonwalk dance. 

#3 The #Renegade Challenge

The 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon created this dance to the song “Lottery” by K Kamp. It is famous for being one of the hardest TikTok dances. But since we are in quarantine, we all have plenty of time to learn it.

#4 The #Supalonely Challenge

This dance has become one of TikTok’s biggest trends with over 206 million views. If you use TikTok, this one has probably showed up on your “For You” page. Take this as a sign that it is your turn to learn it.

#5 The #Celeblookalike Challenge

Ask your friends and family which celebrity you resemble the most. Then simply recreate pictures of that celebrity. 

Challenges You Can Do As a Couple:

#6 The #FliptheSwitch Challenge

My probably favorite video of this challenge is where Kate McKinnon and Senator Elizabeth Warren flip the switch. All you have to do is dance to Drake’s song “Nonstop”. One person is dancing in the foreground, the other one in the background. Then you have to flip the light switch on and off at the right time and reverse positions and outfits.

#7 The #Plank Challenge

If you want to work out during quarantine you can definitely combine it with this TikTok challenge. The goal is to complete a full plank routine to the song of your choice. And maybe you will find a way to spice this challenge up, just as Jay Alderton did.

#8 The #Updown Challenge

This dance challenge has a part where you need someone for a high five. Therefore it is perfect to do it either with your partner, sibling, or another family member.

#9 The #Canttouchthis Challenge

Do you know the Macarena dance? If yes, you are perfectly prepared. This challenge is one of the easier ones and therefore ideal if you want to start making TikTok videos.

#10 The #Firstmovelastmove Challenge

Everything you need to do for this dance challenge is to use your partner’s last dance step as your first dance move. You do not have to memorize anything else. Let’s see whether you guys can keep up.

Challenges You Can Do With Your Whole Family:

#11 The #Cleaningszn Challenge

If you are living with your family again, your parents probably want you to clean your room either way. So why not film a fun TikTok while doing it? 

#12 The #Levelup Challenge

Do you have a pet? Preferably one that can jump? Then you should definitely try this challenge. Place toilet paper in a hall or doorway and see how high your pet is able to jump.

#13 The #Fridge Challenge

In this challenge, you have to ask your friends to get something strange from their fridge. Just like Taylor Barraclough and her friends did. 

#14 The #BlindingLights Challenge

With the slightly new song “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, the TikTok community created another dance challenge. This time, the whole family can get involved.

#15 The #RealLifeAtHome Challenge

This challenge wants you to capture the crazy things you are doing at the moment. For example, pretending that your kitchen is a fancy restaurant or making your own prom. 


Cover: Kon Karampelas, Unsplash



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