Will the North/South dream line finally come true?

New stop at the Rokin

In 1999 the Dutch parliament voted in favour of building the famous north/south metro line. The final confirmation of the project occurred in 2002 and here we are, 2018, hoping that after more than almost two decades of work, continuous obstacles and unforeseen problems, this new metro line will finally get the people from the north to the south of Amsterdam, and vice versa.

The new stations work since almost half a year, but fences at the entrances communicate to us that there’s still a distance between this dream and reality. The new stations look empty and abandoned. People walking by the station don’t even bother to take a glance at it, as if they’ve given up on the idea of this metro line. In the end we’ll have to wait just a little bit more than a month before the stations open, so write down in your agenda, the 22nd of July will be a historic moment.

Photo’s: Nicky van der Eem

Nicky van der Eem
Nicky (20), tweedejaars CW student en opgegroeid in Nederland en Italië, heeft altijd al interesse gehad in fotografie, film en kunst. In haar vrije tijd is ze altijd op zoek naar nieuwe avonturen of ze is bezig om haar volgende reis te boeken. Naast lid te zijn van MediumTv maakt ze sinds kort ook deel uit van het fotografen team en hoopt nog vele mooie momenten vast te kunnen leggen met haar camera.

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