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Picture of By Tamar Hellinga

By Tamar Hellinga

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]W[/mks_dropcap]hile the academic life stood still during the summer holidays, the social media landscape has been dynamic as ever. Medium Magazine has gathered the latest scoop of developments.

Snapchat geo-filters
The United States had been blessed with this function for a little while now, but these are also available in the Netherlands since last week. What am I on about? Creating your own geo-filters! These filters, specific to a certain geographic location, can be added to your photos and videos and shared with your friends.

In the app, you can choose from pre-made designs and on their site you can submit your homemade filter. Available for communities, personal events and businesses, starting at €6.99. The larger the region, the more you pay. Definitely interesting as a birthday present, or for your next night out with friends.

Instagram sponsored content tag
Without any preceding announcements on the app, Instagram introduced a novelty: the sponsored content tag. This is especially relevant for businesses and Insta-celebrities. Collaborations with brands can now be indicated in a simple, sophisticated manner. The tag is placed above the photo, includes the brand name and link to their profile, and needs to be approved by the collaborating company before posting.

YouTube live viewer count
Live videos on YouTube have, since the beginning, shown the number of viewers watching at a given moment. Though in testing phase, the video platform is adding this feature to ‘regular’ videos as well. Up until now, this view count has always been behind on real time. With this feature, you can instantly see how many people are watching a video at the same time as you are.

The developers of Facebook have not been twiddling their thumbs recently

Tinder Gold
Promoted as a ‘first class swipe experience’, Tinder announced the release of Tinder Gold. Made for those looking for a more expensive membership than Netflix (but then again, it’s about meeting the love of your life, right?). At $14.99 a month, members can send five Super Likes a day and rewind profiles that were accidently swiped left instead of right. Perhaps most interestingly, Gold members can see who’s liked them before swiping right on people’s profiles. That way, you can avoid the disappointment of not matching up and start wielding out your potential partner from the list of people who already swiped right on you.

The developers of Facebook have not been twiddling their thumbs recently, as the site/app is testing several features. Perhaps they’re not too keen on their status of ‘dying social medium’? Firstly, they’re planning on connecting Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. This would mean that you can instantly share your Insta-story on your Facebook feed with friends. You know, in the spot that is not filled with grey profile photo circles of friends that never post Facebook stories.

Next, they’re also planning on taking over Tinder with a second feature. Within Messenger, Facebook is planning to add a function that allows friends to arrange to meet up. A message pops up, saying friends would like to meet up with you. If both you and your friend accept this request, a date is made. But if either of you cancels the request, the person on the other end never gets to know.

Cover: Tamar Hellinga

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