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By Csenge Ambrus

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]W[/mks_dropcap]hat we now call ‘slow fashion’ is a movement that has started a few years ago. Since, thousands of people have started sharing the idea of shopping sustainably. I had the chance to meet one of these passionate and dedicated young sustainable consumers, Sara Toth, and talk to her about what she finds important regarding this topic. She founded her own start-up, PALANTA.CO, here in the Netherlands this summer and has been working really hard on it with three other volunteers to improve it more and more.  

How did the idea come?
After participating in an exchange programme, Sara realized how useless it is to have an extreme amount of clothes which we only wear for a single occasion, and how harmful it is for the environment. Sara did not have the chance to take everything with her from her wardrobe for this journey, but only her favourite ones. “This opened my eyes up that I can live a complete life without having three wardrobes full of clothes which I do not even use.” 

This opened my eyes up that I can live a complete life without having three wardrobes full of clothes which I do not even use

PALANTA.CO is a place where people will be able to rent high-quality clothes for as long as they are in need of them. This way, they can save money and space while they still have the chance to refresh their wardrobes with unique and fashionable pieces. “Firstly I thought of renting out maternity and baby clothes because, for example, during pregnancy, a woman’s body changes day-by-day and a baby grows so quickly; buying clothes for these periods of our lives is not worth it.” Having the opportunity of not buying an expensive dress which we would only wear once for a gala, but renting it and still looking fabulous, is pretty amazing. 

What are the goals of this start-up?
Sara decided that if she would create this start-up, she would be as economically friendly as possible. For this reason she does not have a physical shop where people can just walk in and look around. “High quality, exclusive, unique and also basic items will be provided on our website.” The biggest point of this company is that they have almost no carbon-dioxide emissions. Since PALANTA.CO is centred in Europe, they will not have to import clothes from overseas. Moreover, they are not producing but instead collecting clothes from companies where they were produced in an environmentally-friendly way. The clothes will be categorized based on their type, colour, use. The rental price will differ based on the classification of the clothing. Customers will be offered the opportunity of insuring the clothes, so they will have nothing to worry about while wearing them. Ultimately, “we are thinking about starting bike deliveries throughout the Netherlands.”

On top of enabling people to rent excellent clothes, PALANTA.CO will organize workshops and eco-events, hey will talk about ways to support the circular economy, introduce new ethical brands and give tips on how to refurbish our Kepez escort old clothes into new ones, for example. Last but not least, it acts as an open-minded haven for similar minded people, the some who want to go a bit greener, or be advised to enter that realm. “My aim is to build an eco-friendly community where people can share their opinions and involvement about clothes, brands, sustainable shopping and bring them closer to those who wants to live a similar lifestyle.” 

What are the current activities?
“Right now we are raising money on which we will invest in our company, workshops, eco-events and sustainable clothes.” Sara’s goal is to raise 10.000 euros before the 31st of January, so they can have a big kick off and provide the best eco-friendly slow fashion brands to their customers. “The donors will be rewarded, of course.” Depending on how much a donor contributes to PALANTA.CO, they will be sent green-products, so it is a win-win fund-raising. “Do not hesitate, check out the website and bring a little change to other people’s life.”

As long as you are on the right track, the speed does not matter, but the journey

Lastly, every beginning is hard, there are ups and downs, but Sara is fearless. “As long as you are on the right track, the speed does not matter, but the journey.” She is working hard on her projects and open to every possible idea and İbradı escort option. As I was talking to her I realized that she is one out of those ten people in the world who would go through anything for her dream. Finding your hobby in a profession is one thing. Thought,  turning it into a company which is led by the good for the entire population, for a better Gündoğmuş escort future and not by personal interest is more than many of us are capable of creating. So, if you are about to buy clothes you are sure that would be worn for a couple of times only, rather check PALANTA.CO for the environment’s and your own good.



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