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An ode to Louise Pentland

A little over seven years ago, she started posting videos to a YouTube channel called Sprinkleofglitter. With a staggering 400 public videos on her main channel and 344 on her second channel, she most certainly has shared the odd bit here and there. Since the start of her YouTube journey, not only has she as a person changed, but so has her channel content and image. You’re about to read an ode to the plainly lovely Louise Pentland.

Speaking up about the unspoken topics
Where the 31-year old would typically start videos with ‘Aloha Sprinklerinos’, she now has made her content meet up with her maturity, content and style. Although topics like beauty and fashion, which are not restricted to any age, are touched on in her videos, more controversial topics are brought up as well. For example, in her videos she opens up a great deal about current and past relationships, sex and body comfort.

She advocates the opinion that everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their own body

With sometimes giving in to a certain level of discomfort, for example when she tells about her favourite sex position to explain body comfort in relation to sex, she aims to contribute to viewers’ knowledge and confidence regarding such topics. Not only is this important for younger viewers who are looking for advice and information, but it also contributes to an open atmosphere on YouTube, which acts as an open platform.

By making a change from content focused around teens and young adults to more mature content, she aligns her content with her own age and mindset. It seems as though a shift occurred in what influences the subjects that her videos shed light on. Currently her life experiences and occurrences guide the content on her channel. Earlier on, the main influence for het content seemed to be the intended audience. Along with this change comes the opportunity for Louise to be more personal and produce videos that are in line with what’s happening in her personal life.

Confidence and comfort
Something Louise is very clear about is body positivity: she advocates the opinion that everyone, no matter their shape or size, has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their own body. She stresses this in many videos, not just as a topic on its own, but also says this in passing. For example, as she’s trying on dresses in a vlog and mentions the size, not because she finds the size on its own interesting, but because it might help others decide which size to look for according to its fit.

On top of this, she endorses gender equality in her position of United Nations ambassador. In videos, on Instagram, Twitter and practically any social media you can find her on, Louise gives her opinion on feminism. She strongly believes in the idea of women bringing each other up instead of down – shit me, but shouldn’t we all?

At the end of the day, Louise Pentland is simply a human being, who happens to share videos every now and again with whomever wants to watch them. But what she stands for and spreads in this world, like positivity and empowerment, is wonderful. Go watch some of her videos and become a better person, or at the very least have a few good laughs as Louise is hilariously authentic.

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Tamar Hellinga
Tamar (21) is Chef MediumTV 2017-2018. Disappointed about not having been able to follow the English course at the start of her studies. To make up for that, she mainly writes articles in English. Specialized in YouTube and social media, thanks to years of devotion.

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