All I had in mind was a cup of coffee: DE TURK

By Idil Gnosti

By Idil Gnosti

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]A[/mks_dropcap]t least, it was by which intentions I peeked through the glass frame. But prior to that one step in, I had never realized how much I’ve missed my grandma. From the velvety texture of the wooden table that laid quietly under my palms covered in sugar particles in the most natural way as it can be, to the mouthwatering smell of oriental dish served in the round metal plates along with thousands and thousands of jars holding spices of Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East. It felt like home to me.

And I wanted to cry, recalling all the innocence of my childhood, wanting nothing other than going back to that house once again, to that kitchen where she would bake wonders for a chubby toddler that loved nothing more than kisses and treats. As I sat there with all the emotion and memory rushing back to me, I saw that, despite all those years that have passed so carelessly separating us further and further, I am still that chubby toddler.

Trendy and cozy
Apart from all this block of emotion preventing me from welcoming you in through the doors of De Turk, I must confess how amazed I was with the “trendy” feeling this place carried along with all the casualty and cozy ambiance. As one can identify, or not identify, “The Turk” is a Turkish cafe/market where various entry style traditional food and ingredient is sold. I have seen so many people, especially during the lunch hour, from exercise nerds who would stop by after their morning run for a quick and healthy snacking session having take-away hummus; to mothers, with or without the hipster husbands factor but their baby being a constant participant, enjoying the fresh sandwiches served in panini or local pita.

Finally: a proper taste of roasted beans
And then there were those like me, who just wanted the good Italian coffee with varying milk choices. It is still a mystery to me why most cafes insist on not having them as option. Take skim-milk or lactose-free, for instance. It is like finding a pearl in the dessert to me. However, something else I would like to bring to the attention of the audience is that how it has been IMPOSSIBLE to have good coffee around Amsterdam. I had not had a cappuccino that had the proper taste of roasted beans in ages until I sipped it yesterday in the relaxing atmosphere of “De Turk” reading my research article on “Anti-smoking cessations for new-fathers” and thinking how my cup filled with joy could even transform the most boring block of text into a “did you know?” kind of entertainment material.

The place grew on me as ‘home’, with a twist of of Dutch modernity

Turkish rugs and Dutch modernity
To be fair, I am not rushing too much for digging my way into the delicious dish combos and heart-warming drinks in here as I already have a feeling that this place grew on me as “home”; not only with its soft cushion thrown sofa set by the window where I could wash my skin in the gentle sunlight or beautiful Turkish kilim rugs made with 100% love and every object soaked in that genuine feeling of being in grandma’s kitchen once again as if she was there along the staff, who I give all the credits and thank-you’s as well.

But with that twist of Dutch modernity; cozy tunes of R&B and soul, pop culture posters papering the walls, fruit boxes escalating into tables, the casualty and disorder setting the feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Welcome to this personal wonderland of eatery located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

Grocery Store & Cafe with Bio and Organic Ingredients
Address: Van Woustraat 45, 1074 AB Amsterdam 

Cover: Monicore / Final Editing: Ramona Nouse 

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