Introducing this year’s Winter Olympic Project: Olympic Art

Picture of By Neysa Azalia

By Neysa Azalia

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]T[/mks_dropcap]his year’s Winter Olympics is not merely a celebration of sports, but also of art and culture. Unlike previous years, the PyeongChang Olympics also centers on the artistic display of Olympic Values which are produced by Olympians themselves (talk about being multi-talented). The new initiative was proposed in reference to the Olympic Movement, which aims to strengthen the interaction between sports and culture at the Olympic games as well as the procedure that revolves around its preparation.

The #OlympicArt is a movement that was developed by the International Olympics Committee. I first encountered this topic on Twitter via the hashtag, even though it didn’t make the trending list. The project hasn’t gained much momentum in news media, escort antalya which could be explained by its relative newness. As the Olympics take place so will the art initiative, which is made possible by four Olympian Artists. These Olympians were invited to PyeongChang to communicate the spirit that the tournament strives towards and will be doing so through artistic means and mediums. These Olympians include Alexi Pappas (10 km runner), Roald Bradstock (javelin thrower), Lanny Barnes (biathlete) and Jean-Blaise Evequoz (fencer).

We will be breaking new ground with this project, allowing all people to experience the Olympic values through an artistic lens film like never before

The project consists of two works: a series of short films, and a workshop for painting. Each of these two parts is equally interesting. Alexi Pappas and partner Jeremy Teicher will create the series of short films, while the three remaining Olympian artists will collaborate with athletes in creating a total of fifteen paintings – one for each Olympic Winter sport. In showcasing the spirit of the Olympics while also conveying the Olympic Values, Alexi Pappas aims to integrate poetry and film-making in portraying a fictional plot centering on the Olympic games. “We will be breaking new ground with this project, allowing all people to experience the Olympic values through an artistic lens film like never before,” said the 10 km runner. What’s more is the fact that we get a little scoop every now and then of Olympic Art’s behind the scenes, as produced by the artists, Alexi and Jeremy.

A mystery still remains as to what the IOC is actually referring to when bringing up the Olympic Values. We have to wait until the big reveal at the end of fifteen paintings, as they will collectively illustrate these core values antalya escort bayan when positioned in three rows of five. Olympian artists will collaborate with athletes in pursuing this painting project, which will add to the diversity prospect that the Olympics aim to show. You get unity, creativity, culture, sports and entertainment all in one bowl.

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