15 tips and tricks to master your Instagram strategy

Picture of By Nicky van der Eem

By Nicky van der Eem

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]D[/mks_dropcap]uring VidCon Europe 2018 we’ve learned a lot about different social media. One seminar from Instagram’s Jackson Williams (strategic partnerships, emerging talent on Instagram) about Instagram strategies was so interesting that I didn’t want to keep this information to myself. There’s influencers, bloggers and YouTubers popping up everywhere with beylikdüzü escort bayan thousands of followers and feeds to die for. So, if it’s your dream to become that person with the cool news feed and more followers than of all your friends together, here are some tips and tricks from an insider of Instagram

1. Your fans want to see you
Long story short, show your face! Make some selfies once in a while to remind your fans and friends what you look like and remember, you don’t always need make-up or your best angle to look good in pictures.

2. Share everyday experiences
Everyday experiences are relatable to everyone and sharing your experiences can definitely help as a bonding tool with your fans.

3. Grow your audience by frequently collaborating
For this one you’ll need a network of other cool people on Instagram. If you already do, great! Collaborating with other Instagrammers will expand your network and hand you opportunities. If you don’t have a network yet, doing a collab video with your dog or cat will also generate likes.

4. Feed is great for evergreen content
Funny videos, animal videos and cooking videos are great to watch all year round, so make content that you can look at when you’re lying on the beach in summer, or under your blankets in the middle of winter. One of my favorite accounts whose content is evergreen is Celeste Barber. She remakes pictures of famous people on Instagram to show the reality behind these pictures, and it is hilarious.

5. There is no perfect number for the amount of posts
You can upload a video or photo every day or every week, it doesn’t really matter when people really like you and your posts. But remember, quality over quantity!

6. Go live frequently and casually
This relatively new tool is very useful to directly communicate with your fans and get to know them better to create further bonding. Now there is even a tool where you can go live with other instagrammers (collab, collab, collab!).

7. Five to eight stories are optimal
Do you sometimes just click through stories of someone because there are just too many? When it seems like you’re filming your life all day long, people get bored and click away. Instead, the perfect amount of stories is to be found between five to eight a day.

8. The first three seconds of a video are the most important to keep people hooked
Our attention span seems to be getting shorter with the abundance of interesting information. Make your videos interesting from the very beginning to hold the attention of your viewers.

9. Use sound
Sound makes a video a million times more pleasant to watch. So use sound.

10. Emphasize visuals for videos
Of course, we’re not all professional editors and film makers, but keep in mind that people really like good edited videos with a chronological sequence. So focus on making The. Right. Cuts.

11. Make content in other languages
When you already have a good amount of followers and you are ready to go international, make videos in another language! By doing this, you can reach a lot of new people and gain followers and fans. A good example is Juanpa Zurita who is originally from Mexico and makes videos in Spanish and in English.

12. Use geotag and hashtag
This way your posts will end up in more feeds of Instagram and the chances of more people seeing your post increase. Besides, it is also nice to brag about the nice place you visited, isn’t it?

13. Use stickers
Be creative with stickers and use them to make funny posts., But don’t use too many, as people can get annoyed very quickly.

14. Use links
This is very useful if in the future if you want to make some money from your Instagram career. By using links you can give a shout-out to a brand or support other people/instagrammers.

15. Comment on other people’s posts
By commenting on other people’s posts you show that you care about them, that you are active on your account and that you not just go on Instagram to post selfies of yourself.

Besides these fifteen pointers, I think that if you really want to make it, the biggest tip is: invest time in your account. These tips and tricks are all nice, but if you don’t take the time for it, your super-international-Instagram-career won’t start.

Cover: Nicky van der Eem

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