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Aakansha Gupta

Aakansha Gupta - 10 posts

Ada Varriale

Ada Varriale - 7 posts

Born and raised in Italy, Ada has now been living in the Netherlands for three years. After a poor attempt at studying Political Science, she is now a Communication Science first year, trying her best. Currently developing a recipe for a kaassoufflé pizza to bring together all sides of her personality, she likes politics, food and pretentious foreign movies and other things that nobody cares about.


Adel Al Khozaae

Aleksandra Muther

Aleksandra Muther

Alma van den Berg

Alma van den Berg - 1 post

Alma van den Berg is behalve gastredacteur, ook docent én tutor van de bachelor Communicatiewetenschap.

Álvaro G. Arrieta

Álvaro G. Arrieta - 12 posts

Alvaro was born in the Basque Country, Spain, and has been living in Amsterdam for some time now while studying Political Communication at UvA. Alvaro likes politics, photography, music and film, but spends most of his time struggling to keep up with life.

Amber Brizar

Amber Brizar - 8 posts

Hi! My name is Amber. I have had a passion for writing and drawing from a young age. In my day-to-day life I like watching documentaries, doing yoga and getting to know new things and people. I have very broad interests but one thing that has always interested me is the entertainment industry, since it is so big and influential. I strive to always gain new experiences and in the future I hope to see many interesting places in the world.

Andrada Pop

Andrada Pop - 3 posts

This is Andrada Pop. She is a 20-year-old writer for Medium. Her passions include photography, reading and painting. She is an advocate for a more sustainable future. Her aim here at Medium is to write stories that matter and resonate with others.

Angela Low

Angela Low

Angela was born in Vietnam, raised in Singapore, lived in Cambodia, and is now dedicating her next few years of her life in the Netherlands. After three crazy years studying at a media-focused high school, she decided to continue studying communication again at the UvA, which she enjoys greatly. She is also now the secretary of Mercurius, and the coordinator of Medium Magazine and the Promotion Committee. If she has the luxury of time, she can be found binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine or devouring her favourite Dutch desserts.

Bert Bakker

Bert Bakker - 1 post

Bert Bakker is behalve gastredacteur, ook docent Inferentiële Statistiek en Psychology in Political Communciation aan de opleiding Communicatiewetenschap.


Cecilia Begal - 2 posts

Hey everyone, this is Cecilia. She's from Italy and she's eighteen. She's into visual arts, indie-rock music, and writing. She enjoys spending time outside, hanging out with friends, and feels always ready to hit the road!

Christian Manuputty

Christian Manuputty - 49 posts

Christian Manuputty (23) heeft inmiddels een bachelordiploma CW op zak en is sinds 2014 onderdeel van Medium als redacteur (voorheen ook eindredacteur) en presentator van MediumTV. Daarnaast was Christian ooit redactiestagiair bij Quote, vult hij regelmatig de websites Adformatie, Communicatie Online en Marketing Online en is hij stiekem fan van ABBA.


Csenge Ambrus - 1 post


Dalis Robinson - 2 posts

Danny Cao

Danny Cao - 4 posts

Danny was born and raised in The Netherlands after his family immigrated from Vietnam. Coming into contact with identity, injustice, and prejudice early in his age, he incorporate these themes into his writing and storytelling, whether fiction or fact. He also loves reading books, watching series and learning languages, and is constantly inspired by storytelling. He writes mostly about media and entertainment, but sometimes politics as well, and ties this together with what he is passionate about such as social issues. His biggest project currently is writing his first fiction novel, set to come out soon.




Emma Chiaratti - 2 posts

Erica Boyce

Erica Boyce

Hailing from the island of sun and sand, Barbados, self-proclaimed adventurer Erica, is a seasoned world traveller currently lost in Amsterdam. And she’s loving every minute. After four years of learning, travelling and self-discovery in China, Erica’s next adventure is as a Communication Science student, who has a passion for languages, music and life.

Estelle Cool

Estelle Cool - 7 posts

Estelle Cool (24) is the chairwoman of study association Mercurius and the coordinator of Medium. Currently a graduate student in Corporate Communication, she hopes to receive her masters degree by the summer of 2018. You can wake her up for a glass of wine, pizza and cuddling with cats.

Eva Oravcova

Eva Oravcova - 10 posts

Eva was born in Slovakia, grew up surrounded by mountains and snow. She is currentlygetting used to the change of pace living in Amsterdam, surrounded by flatland and rain(yikes!). But hey, at least it makes you bike faster. She enjoys skiing, skating, hockey andpretty much any sport that does not involve a ball. Her passions are journalism and thewritten word in general, but she also loves filmography and sporadically indulges in good oldtrashy TV.

Eva de Boer

Eva de Boer - 9 posts

The Dutch Eva (19) is a busy bee, who's amazed by many things she comes across in her daily life. Through Medium she'll try to take you, our readers, along in her amazement about the world, life in Amsterdam and many more things she comes across.

Fabian Bais

Fabian Bais - 16 posts

Fabian (21) is a fourth year Communication Science student. This is his third year in Medium. Fabian has a passion for sports and journalism. So he would love to have a job at the sports department of a news agency. For Medium he often writes articles about media & entertainment. But don't be surprised if you're reading an interview or something about politics.

Gabby Rialland

Gabby Rialland

This French globe-trotter, with a disputable sense of humour, has found a true home in The Netherlands. After 4 years in Groningen, she indefinitely traded her French Baguette for a Broodje-kroket and moved to Amsterdam to pursue a Master in Communication Science. Gabby in one word: upbeat; as much in her personality as when she is behind the DJ decks. Some say it may be related to her caffeine addiction.

Gilda Bruno

Gilda Bruno - 20 posts

Born and raised in Italy, Gilda (21) has moved to the Netherlands to continue her studies. In 2015 she was an exchange student in Copenhagen, Denmark: an experience able to change radically her viewpoint on the world. Deeply in love and addicted to any expression of art, in the free time, she likes to write, read books or shoot photos of whatever inspires her. She has also been acting for the past 5 and a half years. If asked about future plans and career aspirations, Gilda replies by saying that she wants to become a journalist, yet trying to incorporate all her interests into a single, unique life project.


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