Aleppo: reminiscing peaceful times

Picture of By Andrea Rossignoli

By Andrea Rossignoli

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]F[/mks_dropcap]or the past four years, every image of Aleppo has been portraying the remainders of the raging Syrian war in dull tones. Despair, fear and oblivion are some of the feelings that surround the wrecked buildings captured in most of the recent shots. However, in attempts to remember what one of the oldest cities of the world used to look like, the Tropenmuseum has brought a photography exhibition that gathers pictures from Aleppo before and after the war. 

Constituted by work from distinguished photographers such as Stanley Greene and Eddy van Wessel, Aleppo is a retrospective journey that has an emphasis on the physical changes the city underwent during this disruptive phase. It aims to give meaning back to its ancient architecture and to pay respect to the fallen and those who continue surviving today.

This exhibition will be available at the Tropenmuseum until the 4th of March. At set times, the museum also offers interactive guided tours by former residents of Aleppo, in which they share their experiences and impressions of the city before, during and after the war.

Photographer: Andrea Rossignoli / Final editor: Iris Ausems

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